Learn simple Hindi words

    1. Aanaa to come Jaanaa to go  
    2. Myn  I
    3. hum. We  thoo you thum you.   Aap you. Wo he wo she wo it way they
    4. .Myn aathhaa hoon. Hum aaa thay hein. thoo Aaa tha hai
    5.   thum aathay ho .Aap aa thay hein.
    6. Wo aaathaa hai wo Aaarhee hai wo aaathaa hai/aaathee hai. Way aaa thay hein.
    7.    Myn jaa thhaa  hoon,hum jaathay hein,Thoo jaa thaa hai.Thum jaa thay ho.Aap jaa thay hein, wo JaA tha aa  hai.wo jaa thee hai way jaathay hein.
    8.  Yahan here Wahan there kahan where?
    9. Bhagwan kahan hein?
    10. Yahan hein,wahan hein,kahan  Naheen  hein?
    11. Haan yes Naheen No.





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